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Here's what Cloud 9 customers have said:

From Pat S:

        "Karin does wonderful doll re-roots.  Karin's work is high quality, and she is great to work with, too.  If any of your dolls ever need a re-root, contact Karin.  She's the best!"


From Deborah R:

"Syd's head arrived today and my oh my.  Dang girl, you are the best re-rooter that I have ever seen.  She is absolutely stunning!!!  I can't get over how wonderful a job you did."


From Helene S:

"My Mei Li repaint by Ellen Harris had damaged hair. As pretty as Mei Li was, the hair spoiled her look and was beyond repair. Karin gave her the most beautiful and shiny raven hair, long and lustrous. My doll looks glorious, with her magnificent new "mane" by Karin. Mei Li is now the star of my collection. Thanks and Cheers to you, Karin: I'd never go anywhere else for re-roots because you are TOPS."


From Jan M:

"Hi, my name is Jan M and I am a client/customer of Karin Weber.  I have an extensive collection of repainted Tonner dolls and Karin has done partial and full head re-roots on several of my dolls!  I am a perfectionist about the hair on my girls and I have to say that Karinís work is the BEST I have ever seen!  I am able to do some hair work myself so I KNOW quality when I see it!  I have never seen a better ďpartĒ created on the head nor have I seen such incredible attention to detail!  All plugs are evenly allotted the same amount of hair (a feat in itself!) and Karinís ability to mix different colors when re-rooting is a total and complete work of art in and of itself!  I believe Karin has included some pictures of my dolls on her website so that you can see the awesome work she does!  I give Miss Karin the highest and best marks for re-rooting services in the doll world!  My girls donít go anywhere else for their hair work!!!!"




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