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My re-root commission book for Tonner/Effanbee 12" and 16" dolls is temporarily closed while I get caught up. 


Keep scrolling down for in-progress and close-up pictures.

Services available are listed below:

        1. Highlights and/or lowlights added (in one, two or three colors)

                $60 for one color plus $6 for each additional color

        2. Parts added and/or thin spots filled in

                $65 to add a center or side part in matching color or to fill in thin spots

        3.  Combo!  Get a part in matching color and highlights in one other color for just $95 ($125 value).

        4. Bangs removed or added

                $65 to remove bangs and re-root long in matching color or to add bangs to existing hair

        5. Full re-root on any 12" or 16" Tonner/Effanbee doll not listed in #6 below

                $200 to remove all original hair and completely re-root in new color (you may choose up to 3 colors for blending & highlights)

        6.  Full re-root on the following harder to work with dolls:  All male dolls & all dolls (male or female) produced before 2005

                $250 to remove all original hair and completely re-root in new color (you may choose up to 3 colors for blending & highlights)

Payment terms:  

Personal check, money order, or PayPal.  Payment is due in full when you send your doll for smaller services (#1 - #4).  Full re-root payments are due 50% when you send your doll and 50% when he/she is finished, or you may choose to send full payment when you send your doll, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. 

If you are a repaint artist, doll clothing/accessories/furniture designer, or just have something cool to trade, I'm always open to trade discussions.

All of the prices above include the cost of any hair color you'd like from Restore Doll plus the cost of insured shipping back to you. Just check out the 'Hair Colors' tab above for samples and a link to Restore Doll's website and let me know what color(s) you want.  I'll take care of ordering whatever you choose.  The only other cost you'd need to cover is shipping your doll to me.

I use only high quality saran hair for my re-roots. I use the knot method for re-rooting, where each plug is individually hand knotted inside the head.  From all I've learned so far, this is the strongest and best method, allowing you to style and play with your doll's hair as much as you want.

Except for when moving or adding a part, I use existing holes in the doll's head, rooting each one individually, never combining holes. If necessary for fullness, I add additional holes to the head.  I also repaint and seal the scalp, if necessary, to better match the new hair color.

If I've left out any details you're curious about or you'd like to schedule an appointment for your doll, please e-mail anytime.

Some in-progress and close-up pictures I'd like to share with you (Patience and Anna were kind enough to model):



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